Colham Bowl-a-Rama is a bowling alley located in the town of Colham. It is notorious for the lanes not racking pins up properly, inconsistent scoring and skittles blocking up the ball return - these problems keep recurring as the staff spend more money on the lounge equipment than the lanes. A few lanes also have carpet laid on them so people can bowl in their own footwear, though it is getting torn up, causing many to trip over. It also has pool tables, a café, a small arcade and private karaoke. Liam Smith works there as a technician, though he is starting to hate this job and wishes he worked at the RustBucket Automobile Factory instead. The bowling alley is mostly managed by Bob Reader.

Harry Smith sometimes visits, although he is increasingly losing patience with the constant maintenance issues. Once out of anger he threw a small boulder down the bowling alley, destroying all of the skittles. He then escaped to Kinlochpoop.

Colham Bowl-a-Rama is prominently featured in the episode Harry Smith's Work Experience. Liam took Harry there for work experience, though Bob's son Euan Reader got Harry into trouble by fooling him into pouring drain cleaner and prune juice in the drinks machine, and provoking him to threaten to use Euan as a bowling ball. Harry planned revenge on Euan by convincing him to poop in a mop bucket; this was caught on the CCTV and broadcasted to visitors, leading to Euan getting his comeuppance from Bob.