Colham High School was the high school in the town of Colham that Harry Smith attended with his classmates. His brother, James Smith also attended the school, and the school was the setting for many episodes of The Bully TV series up until mid-season 15. To graduate from Colham High School, students had to pass national exams set by the Pedian Qualifications Authority - most then progressed to Genesiscide College. Others were transferred to Genesiscide Special Needs School if necessary, though this was usually done before graduation. Most pupils spent the entire six years at the school, though some pupils graduated at the end of fifth year.

In The Destruction of Colham High School, when all of the teachers had to attend a meeting in County Genesiscide HQ and left all students unsupervised, the school became a madhouse. This lead to Euan Milton crashing a truck (tractor in the updated version) into the school, killing four students. Pupils were temporarily transferred to Morepets High School and Farthill High School. In Harry Smith and the Disastrous Biology Lesson, a maggot fed on a tiny piece of Claymorium causing hundreds of gigantic clones, which turned into massive flies, to eat the school. Eventually, David Marshall did a huge fart, which blew the whole school away; it is speculated that it is now either orbiting Volcanus or it crashed into Torrent or Skachat. All third to sixth year students were transferred to Peeside High School despite the distance, while first and second year students were transferred to Farthill High School.

Feeder schools included Colham Primary School, Burnton Primary School, Kilallt Primary School and Dunian Primary SchoolHungria Primary School was formerly a feeder school, but then it closed down in 2012 due to a growing decrease of pupils. Pupils at the school were then transferred to Kilallt Primary School.

The school was notorious for having graffiti all over the back of the building, the lockers, the toilets and the benches in the science lab. It also had a primary school-like playground, unlike many other nearby schools. It is believed by many that it was due to the school being generally immature compared to others nearby. Pupils also complained about some rooms in the school smelling of BO.

Tests and inspections

In fitness tests taken by all high schools in Pedia, Colham High School often ranked slightly above average compared to other schools in the country. Its exam results were also below the Pedian average. Onsted concluded that the school required improvement after an inspection in September 2016.


Colham High School did not have a uniform, though pupils were normally expected to dress smartly, and suggestive clothing was banned from the school since the episode Christine Peel Excites Boys, where Christine Peel went to school in a bikini. Hats were also banned despite many pupils protesting this rule.

In the episode Harry Smith and the School Uniform, Colham High School's head teacher Robert Sullivan tried to introduce uniforms, which consisted of a shirt, a purple blazer, a tie, teflon trousers, white socks and school shoes. He caught Harry Smith and David Marshall raiding the cupboard confiscated items are kept in, however he only caught sight of their blazers, which everybody else was wearing too. This incident led to the uniforms being abolished.

School dinners

Colham High School was additionally notorious for its gross dinners, which were normally stew and cheap reheated food from Sincostan served by the former cook Greta Appleton. Greta was fired in Harry Smith's Kitchen Nightmare for leaving the kitchen in bad condition, giving nearly the whole school food poisoning; Stephanie Collingwood took over and cooked good quality homemade meals until its final destruction.


Colham High School's computers ran Macrohard Doors 8.1 ever since the episode Harry Smith and the Computers Filled with Sick. Prior to that, most computers ran Macrohard Doors Ex-Pee, though a few ran Macrohard Doors 98 and one even ran Macrohard Doors 1.0. A few students tried to beg Robert to upgrade the computers to Macrohard Doors 10. The computers at Peeside High School now run Macrohard Doors 10 and all have more modern hardware.

Many students and teachers found the school computers to be very slow, due to the fact that most of the computers had outdated hardware. There have been many cases where the computer took 10-20 minutes for the user to login.

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Video game appearances

Colham High School features as a track in The Bully: Super Kart GP; it is the first course in the Fart Cup. The school is additionally the setting for the beginning of The Bully RPG: Attack of the Conformists, and a white outline of it appears in a dream Harry Smith has later in the game. At this stage, he fights dream incarnations of Catriona McMillan and Samuel Davidson.

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