The Girls' Popularity Scale is a scale that ranks the boys in Harry Smith's class (5F) at Colham High School in order of attractiveness. The idea for the scale was originally coined up by Keeley Hughes and it was made by all of the girls in the class together. Note that this has nothing to do with personality.

The scale was updated several times to remove students who have left, died or been expelled.


Original scale

  1. Alan Ross - hot
  2. Craig Sullivan (deceased) - hot
  3. Blair Cameron - attractive
  4. Max Cederblom (expelled) - attractive
  5. Joshua Turner (left) - attractive
  6. Nick Jones - attractive
  7. Cameron Cleary (deceased) - attractive
  8. Jamie Wallace - fairly attractive
  9. Agner Riis (expelled) - average
  10. Leo Jespersen (expelled)
  11. Gregor McDade
  12. Aleksandr Abramovich (deceased)
  13. William Fraser
  14. Bjørgheðin Sigurdarson (expelled)
  15. David Marshall
  16. Harry Smith
  17. Steven McMullen (deceased)
  18. Caleb McKinnon
  19. Jordan Sanderson

Current scale

  1. Alan Ross - hot
  2. Blair Cameron - attractive
  3. Nick Jones - attractive
  4. Jamie Wallace - fairly attractive
  5. Harry Smith - average
  6. David Marshall - fairly ugly
  7. Gregor McDade - fairly ugly
  8. William Fraser - ugly
  9. Caleb McKinnon - ugly
  10. Jordan Sanderson - ugly

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