Harry Smith's First Day Back is the first episode of The Bully TV series. It was first aired in March 2015.

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The episode begins with Harry Smith waking up in a bad mood, due to the fact that the summer holiday has ended. However he is excited, as over the summer holidays, he has came up with new ways to annoy people. He gets changed into his clothes and walks up to Colham High School.

The day begins with Catriona McMillan teaching the class Russian. Harry pretends to fall asleep. However, Catriona is not fooled and sends him outside the classroom after he farts in her face. He is glad, as now he can unleash his ultimate plan: to escape.

He then takes the lift to the ground floor and runs for his life. He runs down to the Colham town centre and buys Red Bull to make himself hyperactive. He then escapes to Kilallt. However, Alan Ross' dad, Martin Ross spots him and ends up driving him back to the school. Catriona then comes and gives him into huge trouble. He is then put in detention for the entire school day.

During his detention, he throws cigarettes at people walking past him. People report him for throwing cigarettes, so he is locked inside a PE equipment cupboard. To his luck, he finds a shamshir at the very back of the cupboard. He grabs the shamshir, uses it to destroy the door and escapes. When no one is looking, he then runs for his life. By the time it is 3:30, which is when the high school finishes, he quickly runs home.

10 minutes later, Robert Sullivan appears at the door. He then comes and takes Harry to the local police station. The police decide to arrest him for a week. He is also questioned about where he found the shamshir. Samuel Davidson is later arrested when he admits to hiding the shamshir in the PE equipment cupboard.



  • Many characters who appear in later episodes are not seen here. Instead, generic pupils and teachers are seen walking about, most of who never make an appearance again.