Harry Smith Gets Rich Quick is an episode of The Bully TV series, originally aired in March 2015.

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The episode begins with Harry Smith watching a video of the ten best insults on his laptop. He laughs so hard he faints and knocks his head into the laptop, breaking its hardware. Now he has to find a way to make money - but how?

Harry decides to earn the money himself by setting up a sale. He gathers random bits and pieces to sell such as broken Saga Servant Machine games, school books, James Smith's Fancy Hippos DVD box set, Grace Smith's perfume and Liam Smith's rare 12″ vinyl.

The sale is finally organised outside Harry's house. James soon strolls by and starts yelling once he notices the Fancy Hippos DVD box set with a price tag attached. Harry proceeds to attack him with a taser, tie him up and sell him to Mae MacDonald as a slave. However, Grace notices the act and forces Harry to buy him back or else she would get him locked up in Doonatel Jail.

Later, things aren't going too well for James. Mae is in a bad mood again and constantly criticises his whining and lack of work experience, although he is still skilled enough to be sold back to Harry for no less than £20. Harry reluctantly pays her with Yens he found on the street and fills in for James, who gives all his savings to him as a present for letting him go.

When Mae starts to try out a weird dance, Harry ties Mae up with a skipping rope before lobbing her in a pile of manure. She pays him the £20 back to convince him to leave. He grins with glee, seeing that he now has enough dosh to buy the most powerful laptop on the market.

The next day dawns. Harry and Liam are driving through Colham in the RustBucket 2000. Harry, much to his horror, suddenly notices that they are heading towards the Colham Vintage Store rather than the electronics store - Liam found out about what happened to the perfume and the vinyl. He uses every last penny of Harry's earnings to replace them.



  • Jordan Sanderson says "You got any weed?" during the sale; this is the first and currently the only time he has said something other than "I dunno".