Harry Smith Goes Swimming is an episode of The Bully TV series that was first aired in March 2015.

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Harry's class go swimming, but it ends disastrously.


Harry Smith's class is about to go to Kilallt Swimming Pool for swimming lessons. Everyone gets on the bus driven by Jack Sanderson, which causes Jordan Sanderson to blush.

The bus arrives 20 minutes late. Samuel Davidson pushes everyone into the water and accidentally drowns Iona MacEachern and Craig Sullivan. David Marshall nearly drowns too. Harry randomly starts coughing and tells Samuel that he is not well enough to swim, so then he says that he doesn't care if Harry has Leprosy or the Bubonic Plague.

Eventually, he starts swimming because he thinks he has seen The Murderers waiting for him at the end of the pool. He reaches the end, and notices that they aren't there. Jordan is stupid enough to randomly throw a massive grenade, which he found on the bus, in the pool. It heats up the water but since it mixes with water, it never blows up.

Samuel shouts at him and tries to drown him, but then Jordan bites his arm which makes him run away to Auchmore Farm near Dunian. Everyone hi-fives Jordan for biting him. However, Harry is annoyed by the fact that not only did he not see The Murderers, he was forced to swim a length.

The next day, Samuel gets arrested for drowning Iona and Craig. Their parents, who are also unhappy, complain to him for not thinking "What will happen if I do this?". However, Robert Sullivan, who is Craig's father and the head teacher, oddly decides not to sack him.


Jamie Wallace and Nick Jones did not appear in the episode as they were off sick.