Harry Smith Goes to Lil' Merica is an episode of The Bully TV series that was first aired in March 2015.

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Harry Smith tells Grace Smith that he would like to go to Lil' Merica. She tells him that he can go if he does his chores and James Smith's chores in one hour. Inside, he thinks "Oh crap" but he is still excited for a challenge. So he does the laundry, hoovers the house, cleans the windows, cleans the RustBucket 2000, backs up Liam Smith's files and tidies the house successfully in one hour. Grace then says that he will take him if he lets James borrow his money.

Soon they get into the RustBucket 2000, with Liam driving as usual. On the MO12, there is a traffic jam and a serious crash, so he goes a long diversion. One and a half hours later, they arrive at Lil' Merica.

Harry goes straight into MacRonalds and orders four burgers, six boxes of chicken selects, five drinks of Irn Poo and seven portions of fries. To his surprise, he meets David Marshall and Jordan Sanderson who have ordered the exact same things as Harry. He is somewhat creeped out by this, but then moves on and forgets about it.

Harry, David and Jordan then walk to Fat Mart and buy eight cans of baked beans. They stuff their faces with all the beans and later do massive farts.

The three of them walk up to HFC. However, Grace catches Harry red handed and takes him. He then rudely does a massive fart bad enough to make her faint. Harry, David and Jordan also faint. The four of them are rushed to Lil' Merica General Hospital.

The next day, they are released. Along with Liam and James, they are arrested for entering Homia without passports.