Harry Smith Meets Pamela Milne is an episode of The Bully TV series. It was originally aired in March 2015.

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Harry meets a highly attractive girl named Pamela - what will then happen?


Harry Smith has his usual breakfast and is forced to go on a swimming trip with his family. Liam Smith hurls him into the RustBucket 2000 once again and he is driven to Kilallt Swimming Pool.

Whilst he is swimming, he notices an extremely hot lifeguard named Pamela Milne, a teenage girl that goes to his school. He does not realize this until a few minutes later. He winks at her, glances around to make sure his parents and James Smith aren't watching, then leaves the pool to start talking and flirting with her. Then he sees Blair Cameron, who also tries to chat up Pamela. Harry shoves him into the deep end and he nearly drowns. Pamela jumps in and saves him, then she gives him a hug. She finishes her lifeguard shift and leaves the building.

Harry proceeds to stalk Pamela and chases her car. She drives to Dunian, the village that she lives in. She then phones the police because of this. His parents, who have been flustered over his disappearance, track him down with a GPS. They find him at Pamela's house. The police also arrive and arrest him for leaving the pool to stalk Pamela.



  • A soggy picture of the now-deceased Belarusian boy Aleksandr Abramovich is briefly seen floating in the pool.