Vital statistics
Location  County Kinlochpoop, Pedia
Population  967
Theme tune The Revenge of Shinobi - Chinatown

Hentaiville is a village that is close to Moetown. Daniel May lives there with his parents. It mainly consists of game stores, oriental supermarkets and anime related shops as there is a large Mongoloid population. Despite the high number of shops, it is still legally considered a village due to its population of 967.

Crime rates in Hentaiville are fairly high, most relating to drink driving offences.

Despite its name, Hentaiville has a predominantly Chinese population unlike Moetown which has a predominantly Japanese population.

Due to its inappropriate name, there was a petition within the village to get its named changed to Taoville. It had 793 supporters out of a required 871. The petition was scrapped for unknown reasons.

Points of interest

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