James Smith
Vital statistics
Position  Colham High School student
Age  15
Status  Living
Nationality Pedian
Residence  10 Upping Street, Colham
Personality Well-behaved, goody-goody, effeminate, childish, mature, naïve
Voice actor Sasha Campbell
Theme tune Unknown
Physical attributes
Height  160 cm
Weight  53 kg

James Smith (born August 30th 2002) is a fourth year student in The Bully TV series. He is Harry Smith's younger brother. He is a goody-goody who tries to stop Harry from causing mischief. He also helps many of his classmates with their work. He attends Colham High School, where he is in the Farthead house. In The Bully TV series he is voiced by Sasha Campbell, who is also Sally Brittan and Tyler Hibbert's voice actor.

James runs his own gang called The Perfect Pansies Club, which he founded after he was fired from The Black Foot Gang. He also still wears nappies, which burst whenever he is shocked, excited or stretches his legs. His favourite TV shows are Fancy Hippos and Pauline and her Prancing Petunias, the former of which he has a large obsession with. He enjoys reading the weekly comic series Fatty Fairies. His favourite foods are vegetables and Fancy Hippos Healthy Husks, and he loves to eat at Veggies for Vegans. He also hates junk food with a passion; he once bought a variety pack of Runners crisps just to bury them in the compost heap. His interests are considered by many to be immature for his age, despite his mature personality.

Over the course of the series, James has grown a bit. Despite this it has taken longer than others for him to hit puberty, and his voice has not yet broken. In the episode James Smith Becomes a Man, a Homian student who newly joined Colham High School named Euan Leytze takes advantage of James' inability to stand up for himself and bullies him. Harry then puts him through rigorous training to toughen him up to no avail, until he finds that James gets extremely angry over anyone insulting his Fancy Hippos obsession. When Harry provoked Euan to tease him for this, James beat him up, leading to him getting suspended for a week and Euan moving back to Homia.



James lives with his older brother Harry Smith. Like many siblings, they squabble and have had many fights, some of which are physical. On the other hand, they still love each other like many siblings. His parents are Liam Smith and Grace Smith (née Grace Sherwood), and he gets on with them much better than Harry does, often sucking up to them in addition.

Other relationships

James is very friendly with his classmates Tim McDade, Gordon Cameron and Paul McEwan - all of them are members of the Perfect Pansies Club. He also gets along well with fellow classmates Luke Brittan, Hans Van Looy and Gordie MacEachern, along with his class teacher Emma Kenn. Peter Frost is sick of him for being such a goody-goody.

In terms of his sexual status, he is asexual. It is possible this may change in the future. When his classmates talk to him about people they are attracted to, he often questions how they are attracted to them.


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Video game appearances

James appears in the video game The Bully RPG: Attack of the Conformists as a boss character during a dream Harry has. Initially he is in control of a TV that spits out characters from his favourite shows, then he commands vegetables with legs to attack his brother and tries to hog the tap end (hence controlling the temperature) of a cold bath the pair fall in.

James is also a playable character in the kart racing game The Bully: Super Kart GP. He is a member of the light weight class with three karts based off him; these are the Fancy Hippo (acceleration based), the Stinky Nappy Buggy (all around with perked off-road) and the Fatty Flyer (speed based). He will also be unlockable in another upcoming game called The Bully: Board Race.


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