Vital statistics
Location  County Genesiscide, Pedia
Population  1,683
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Kilallt is a village in County Genesiscide, Pedia that neighbours the town of Colham and the village of Dunian. It was known for its large swimming pool, which was frequently used by Colham High School until a shark somehow got in the water in the episode Harry Smith and the Disastrous Swimming Lesson. The pool was closed when Harry Smith and Zoe Kennedy polluted it. It was also the swimming pool that Pamela Milne worked at.

It is possible that Kilallt may be subsumed into Colham if plans to expand it into a much larger town with an estimated population of 55,000 go ahead. A train station is also under construction as part of a new train route between Farthill and Scoton; other stops will include Swotford, Colham, Dunian and Hellton.


Kilallt is of Scottish Gaelic origin, and may have been derived from An Cill Allt, meaning "church at the stream". Around this area, there were many Scottish traders who gave the villages Gaelic names.

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