Vital statistics
Location  County Islaston, Homia
Population  1,051
Theme tune Sonic 3D Blast (SMD) - Volcano Valley Act 2

Magmavík is a very small town located in a large Icelandophilic region of County Islaston, Homia. Despite its small size, it is a town due to its daily market and for historical reasons. Many active volcanoes are located near Magmavík - these sometimes erupt, sending out huge ash clouds that are known to cover all of Homia and, on one occasion in 2010, the entire island of Barneytile. The frequent volcanic eruptions are the main reason why County Islaston has one of the lowest population densities out of all the counties on Volcanus. The volcanoes are however somewhat beneficial to Magmavík's income as heat from magma allows bananas to be grown in the town; Pedians often mistake this industry for an April Fools Day joke. The Northern Lights of Volcanus can sometimes be seen from Magmavík.

Like all the settlements on County Islaston, Magmavík has low crime and obesity rates, even though not a single cyclist resides there. The healthcare system across the county is weak, so people needing urgent medical help are often airlifted to Weirdham Hospital. Svörfuður Hilmarsson was born and raised in Magmavík, however he moved to Colham in 2013 due to Dynþór Hilmarsson and Þuríður Hilmarsson's concerns over poor healthcare. The town's only school is Magmavík Primary School - pupils who graduate are transferred to Islaston High School, using a special train service to travel to and from the school. A ferry route allows travel from Magmavík to Cakeston, and vice versa.

With its 2011 population of 1,051, it is Volcanus' smallest town. The planet's largest village, Aimatsun, has over ten times the population of Magmavík. It is also twinned with Icelandia, another Icelandophilic town in County Pooperwick, Homia.

Video game appearances

Magmavík appears in The Bully RPG: Attack of the Conformists. Its future version is abandoned due to disease and a false alert of a volcanic eruption. When the town was evacuated, a conformist dropped and shattered a panel that unlocks the back door of Queen Narciss' castle. Morten Larsen, Edvard Andersson, Bjørn Henriksen and Svörfuður Hilmarsson explore the town to collect the panel fragments, allowing them to sneak into the castle. They also narrowly escape from a real eruption that occurs during their search.

Abandoned Magmavík additionally appears as a track in The Bully: Super Kart GP. It is part of the Selfie Stick Cup, which only becomes available if the player has a save file of The Bully RPG: Attack of the Conformists or downloads it as DLC.

County Islaston settlements
Towns Hotface · Islaston · Magmavík
Villages Mountainton
Hamlets Cakeston · Islaston Junction

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