Vital statistics
Location  County Genesiscide, Pedia
Population  1,401
Theme tune Nintendogs - Main Theme

Morepets is a village in County Genesiscide, Pedia. It is notorious for its high number of animal-related shops. It neighbors the smaller village Nerdton.

In Harry Smith Takes a Shortcut, a race was set up, which was a circuit starting at Colham Primary School and passing through Morepets.


According to the 2011 census, the village had a population of 1,401.

Points of interest


County Genesiscide settlements
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Villages Chinavillage · Dunian · Farthill · Hellton · Hungria · Italo · Kilallt · Morepets · Nerdton · Ruralia · Scoton · Shinobiton
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