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Pedia is a country on the planet of Volcanus. It neighbors the country Homia, which it has a rivalry with comparable to Scotland and England's rivalry. The name's similarities to Wikipedia and the word "encyclopaedia" is coincidental.


The name is Latin for "Land of the Pedes". The Pedes were an ancient tribe that were mostly killed off around 643 AD. The name Pede is an Anglicized form of the Old Barneytilian word pid, which is derived from the Proto-Barneytilic *pīedá, ultimately deriving from the Proto-Volcanusic *fetu, which means "human".


The island of Barneytile was first inhabited by many tribes, most notably the Pedes. In 633 AD, tribes from Sincostan arrived and started fighting with tribes on the island. This resulted in many tribes being massacred, including most of the Pedes, one of the main tribes. Many Sinco tribes starting living on the island and mixed in with tribes on the island, which eventually caused new tribal groups to form.

Pedia and Homia were first discovered by Dutch people in 1604 when they discovered the rare ability to dimension-travel. They attempted to trade with the people, but failed. When British people arrived in 1672, they started a genocide all over the island of Barneytile, wiping out nearly the entire population of native Pedians and Homians. Native Pedians living on eastern Barneyliad mostly survived; many native Pedians and Homians from Barneytile fled there. The area that makes up present day Pedia was mostly conquered and colonised by England (later United Kingdom), but with many other areas colonised by other countries which are now the philic regions of Pedia.


Most of the counties are named after a town in that county. Note that Dundundun, Pedia's capital, is not part of any of these counties, instead being part of its own federal district.

Former counties

At some point during history, these counties have been part of Pedia.

Autonomous towns

Only one town in Pedia, Alcatel, is autonomous. This town is part of the very small Counry Alcatel. The town of Doonatel was also autonomous from 1984 to 2016.

"Pedia" in other languages

  • French: Pédie
  • Russian: Педия (Pedija)
  • Catalan: Pèdia

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