Vital statistics
Location  County Superfit, Pedia
Population  38,310
Theme tune Streets of Rage 2 - Under Logic

Superfit is a town located in County Superfit, Pedia. It is well known for its huge amount of gyms, healthy food suppliers and sportswear shops. Alan Ross was born there.

Superfit's crime rates are extremely low and its population is amongst the healthiest in Pedia; junk food is banned and any overweight citizens are sent to Superfit Fat Camp by authorities. Despite this, many black markets for junk food are operating on the outside of the town, including one dedicated to selling Yummy-Gummy-Super-Duper-Fizzy-Dizzy Fuzzballs.

Harry Smith and David Marshall go there to see fit girls; many people see this as creepy, so the former often replies "Creepy? It's not as if I'm the grim reaper or an undead skeleton." while the latter replies "Well, you're only saying that because you probably do it yourself too!".

Video game appearances

Superfit appears as a location in The Bully RPG: Attack of the Conformists. In the future, it has been renamed to 'Superfat' and its only inhabitants are obese people riding mobility scooters - this is due to the new conformist ruler Queen Narciss spreading a fat-glorifying fad around Volcanus. The town's largest gym also gets converted into a Fat Mart superstore.

Superfat additionally appears as a track in The Bully: Super Kart GP. It is part of the Selfie Stick Cup, which only becomes available if the player has a save file of The Bully RPG: Attack of the Conformists or downloads it as DLC.

County Superfit settlements
Towns Annaston · Lornaston · Novoland · Superfit · The Qaeda
Villages Angry Grasston · Greenside · Happy Grasston · Sad Grasston

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