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This wiki is loosely based on Horrid Henry, but with a twist. It was less light hearted than Horrid Henry, but this has changed as Drdevilfx (the site's founder) thought that it was boring without the fun. The wiki also blends elements of science fiction. Please read our rules here before you start contributing.

We recommend that you tell others about this project, as they may be interested. Our aim is to make this project as popular as possible.

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About The Bully

The Bully is a humorous project created by Drdevilfx. It is loosely based on Horrid Henry, but has many new characters and concepts. It is appropriate for a teenage audience; one of the main intentions of this project is to not let it become childishly inappropriate.

It is about a 16-year old teenage boy in fifth year named Harry Smith, who has a reputation of bullying many pupils, doing big farts and flirting with girls at Colham High School, the high school that he attends. His brother James Smith is a goody-goody and as a result gets teased for this by Harry. Harry's best friend is David Marshall who also causes mischief and bullies many people but not to the same extent as Harry. Whether Harry's annoying his parents, deepening his long-standing rivalry with Mae MacDonald or giving his teacher Catriona McMillan a ton of reasons to put him in detention, there's never a boring moment in his home town of Colham!

This wiki is mostly written in British English, although some Scottish English or American English words may show up. Please do not correct the British spellings.

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