Vick House
Vick House School, formerly known as Trick House School, is a privately-owned school located in Countington. The school caters for children aged 3-18 and has boarding houses; it is soon to become a boarding school. Its main rival schools are The Royal Academy of Kinlochpoop, The Snob School of Dundundun and Colham High School.

The head teacher of the school is Vick Francis, who encourages pupils to attend the school just so he can make money. Most of the pupils are posh, however many of them are not. There are very few chavs at the school. Vick renamed the school to "Vick House School" in January 2016; many pupils see this as a sign of vanity. Pupils also refer to the boarding houses as 'Vick House Prison'.

The school additionally has a very strict food policy. Pupils caught eating fast food or drinking unhealthy beverages such as Coco-Coal risk detention and sometimes suspension. It is also common for pupils to be suspended over minor things such as chewing pencils, not knotting their ties correctly and vandalising one Lohipedia page. Vick also refuses to close the school when it is snowing; in December 2014 it notoriously stayed open after two metres of snow fell.

In January 2017, most of the school's pupils protested over the fact they get too much homework from the school. Vick however ignored the issue, and instead started setting two hours of extra homework every week; it is rumoured that several pupils are planning to start a riot over this.


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Video game appearances

Vick House School is confirmed to appear in the upcoming video game The Bully RPG 2. After Edvard Andersson discovers a cyber attack on the power grid that caused a widespread power outage is originating from the school, Harry Smith and David Marshall infiltrate one of the boarding houses to catch the culprit, who turns out to be Greg MacInesker. He escapes via a secret time machine he built in the art cupboard, which self-destructs shortly afterwards.